Urban Decay, Gwen Stefani Palette

The Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette retails at £40 which is a pretty average price for a decent eyeshadow palette, especially one with 15 shadows!


The thing I love most about this palette, is that it has a good amount of neutral colours, with a good range bright different colours to give the palette a pop of colour.

IMG_1181The first row of the palette contains 4 shimmers and 1 matte, all with a velvety texture. The shades are;

Blonde, is a pale beige colour with pinky reflective shimmer. I love this shade for the eyelid, but it also looks lovely as a highlight too, it helps give your make up and little pop of colour.

Bathwater, which is similar to Blonde but with a golden reflection under light.

Skimp; a Satin nude shade which although is quite simple, it looks lovely with just about any make up look, and is a classic eye colour that you just can’t go wrong with.

Steady; this is a lovely rose gold colour which is probably one of my favourite shades in the palette.

Punk; a brown matte shade with a reddy undertone which is perfect for the crease, it is very pigmented though so a light hand is needed for soft looks.

IMG_1182The next row contains;

Baby; a metallic rose that is just beautiful, I love using this in the inner corner to brighten but also give a little pop of colour.

Anaheim; a very light matte taupe colour which looks nice as a transition shade.

Stark;  a pinky nude matte, I love this for all over the lid when I want an all matte eye.

Zone; a matte medium brown, which most palettes have, but is also useful for the crease.

Serious; a greyish/black, with a bit of sparkle, perfect for a dark smokey eye with a little pop of sparkle on the lid.

IMG_1183Last, but not least the most interesting row of shades which are probably my favourite;

Pop; a pale coral/rose colour with shimmer, this is definitely my favourite colour out of this whole palette, it looks beautiful under every lighting and is the colour I use the most.

Harajuku; a lovely vibrant metallic pink that can give a standard smokey eye a pop of colour.

Danger; a metallic royal blue with shimmer, this looks lovely with a dark smokey eye.

1987; a classic yellow undertone gold.

Blackout; a black matte, which is very pigmented and scary to use, this is best done with a very light hand as it is very easy to go in with too much product as it is so dark. However for a matte black, it is as easy as I believe it can get with a black to blend out.

The quality of the palette is outstanding, with a very sturdy casing, a big mirror and an easy clean surface.

I absolutely lovely this palette as it has everything you need to create almost any make up look. I think it’s very good value for money as the shadows are all easily used, little fall out and there’s such a range of colours that there isn’t much else you need.



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