Makeup Revolution Highlight Palette✨

img_1358This highlight palette retails at £8.00. I quite like this palette, it isn’t my favourite but for £8.00 for three Highlight shades, which are pretty big too, it’s pretty decent for the price.

IMG_1270These are pretty nice on the cheekbones, however they are quite chunky/chalky when you pick them up on the tips of your fingers, but they apply well enough. I don’t believe these have individual names but there is a yellow gold tone, a rose gold and a pink shade. They’re quite glittery, which I like in a highlighter, however these do tend to add a little bit of extra texture to your skin, which although that’s not what I want, I can live with it because it’s quite an intense highlight.IMG_1271From a distance the highlighters are really nice but upclose, it gives the look of a bit too much texture. For the price it’s good, it’s worth a try because for £8.00 it isn’t the worst palette, however it is nowhere near as good as the Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette (which retails for £9.99 and contains 4 shades!!)

As much as I think this is a nice palette, there are definitely palettes out there that are more worth the money.




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