Urban Decay Vice4 Palette

IMG_1288Every Urban Decay Eyeshadow palette that I have tried are always very pigmented and this is no exception! The Vice4 Eyeshadow palette isn’t as scary as it looks with the colours. Every shade in this palette is not only good with pigment but they all have that lovely creamy feel to them, apart from one or two shades.

IMG_1286Every shade in this palette is lovely, but I have to say I do have my favourites! The shade bitter is a lovely orange toned brown that is absolutely perfect for a warm look in the crease and by far, my favourite shade has got to be Flame!! It is absolutely beautiful, with an orange base colour and gold glitter reflects, this looks lovely on the eyelid and adds so much to a simple Eyeshadow look.

IMG_1401The shades in this palette are so easily blended but I will say, be careful when picking it up with eyeshadow brushes because they are a lot more pigmented than they look with swatches. There is a small amount of fallout with some shades but for the most part there isn’t hardly any at all. For me personally, I think the only colours in this palette that I don’t think I would really use are the greens but every other colour I would definitely use!

This palette retails for £43.00, which for 20 Eyeshadows, its brilliant! For the colour payoff, how blendable they are and just how nice and creamy the shades are it is most definitely worth the money! There are 20 very different shades and all go together so well. The casing of the palette is very sturdy and it’s quite heavy with a lovely big mirror, which I think all palettes should have.




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