Shade and Light🌓

The Kat Von D shade and light contour palette retails at £37.00. But is it worth it?

IMG_1319I must say, the picture really does show which shade I use the most often. I absolutely love the dark shades for contouring and use it every time I do my make up. I don’t use the lighter shades as much as I found them quite drying and my undereyes felt quite caked, but with a good moisturiser and a light hand they are quite nice, I just wouldn’t recommend baking with them at all!


The palette contains lovely shades and is very easily mixed to get your perfect shades. Would I repurchase the palette? For the dark shades, maybe. Is there dupes out there at a much cheaper price? Probably, I am going to be trying out some cheaper dupes but I just find it hard to step away from what I know works for me. The colours are so much more pigmented on the face than they are in swatches so be careful, too much product on your brush and it looks like a muddy mess, trust me, I know!

Would I recommend it to others? I honestly don’t know..

I use the darker shades on a daily basis and love them, but I don’t tend to reach for the lighter shades at all really, I have other products I prefer that are a lot cheaper.


Who else has tried this? What did you think?




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