Day 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Blogging Challenge!

So, as I’ve missed a few mosts recently I thought I’d throw a few days of the blogging challenge together! (Also the fact that these are quite short answers, I want it to be a post worth reading)

Day 4; Your dream Job

Honestly, anything beauty wise, my dream would to be fully qualified makeup artist, hair dresser, stylist and nail technician!

Day 5; Your proudest moment.ย 

I felt most proud of myself whenever I accomplished anything big, when I first left school and I had gotten good grades and when I found out I had landed my first job!

Day 6; What are you afraid of

Spiders, I cannot handle them, I’m okay with small ones but big ones just make my skin crawl…

Disappointing my parents and grandparents.

I’m also pretty afraid of getting older and looking back on my life with too many regrets, I want live a life that when I’m old and I look back on the things I’ve done, I’m happy with who I was and what I did.

Day 7; Your 5 favourite songs

Now this is a hard question to answer, I have different songs I love depending on my mood and the memories that come with it..

I love anything with a good beat that you can dance to but then a favourite song has to be classic..

1: Razorlight – America

2: Elvis Presley – Can’t help falling in love

3: Ultrabeat- Pretty Green Eyes

4: Nelly ft Kelly Rowland – Dilemma

5: Zara Larsson, MNEK – Never Forget You. (At the moment)


Day 8; 5 Current Goals

1: Get driving

2: Get my own place

3: Save for a mortgage

4: Travel to somewhere new at least once a year

5: Be happy




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