Becca, Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation Review

This foundation retails at £34, it has a 24 month expiration and contains 30ml of product. Light/medium dewy coverage.

I first tried this foundation when I had really dried out skin and I have to say it was probably one of the best foundations I’ve tried when my skin is not at its best. When I’m having a bad episode of dry skin, wearing foundation can be a nightmare because it usually makes my skin feel horrible. This foundation however felt lovely, it was moisturising and gave my skin a lovely glow and a more even appearance.

When my skin isn’t all dried out however, I’m not as fond of this foundation. I tend to get a little oily when my skin isn’t dried out but not enough to disturb my foundation normally, but with this foundation it definitely did!

IMG_1433When it’s first applied it looks pretty good, I have quite red cheeks naturally and you can still see some of the redness, but I was quite impressed with how it covered as it’s only a light/medium coverage. But as the day went on it was sinking into fine lines (I’m only 21 so I don’t have a lot) and made the appearance of them a little worse than they actually are.

In the winter I think this will be one of my favourite foundations to use as it does look lovely and feels amazing when my skins dried out.

What it claims to be;

Is it buildable? I tried to build the coverage but it really didn’t work for me.

Unifying skin tone? Yes!

Deminishing the visibility of imperfections? Not 100% but yes!

Virtually undetectable/ ‘your skin but better’? Yes, definitely!

Just a few drops will make your complexion look naturally flawless and lit-from-within? Yes, it’s beautiful!

Would I recommend this foundation? If you have oily skin, no I wouldn’t because it doesn’t wear too well but if you have normal/dry skin, definitely!




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