Becca Opal Highlighter Review💫

IMG_2602Being someone who loves highlighters, I just had to try out the highlight everyone seems to love. Before committing to buying the full size product I decided to buy the gift set, (2.4g) smaller size. But the full size retails at £32 for 8g of product.

IMG_1431This highlight shade is absolutely beautiful! It looks absolutely lovely when it hits the light, whether that be natural light or under flash, it’s stunning. It feels lovely and creamy when swatched and very light on the skin.

IMG_1429I have to admit I’ve been wearing it every time I wear makeup recently but I have to say that it doesn’t seem to wear the best throughout the day. After a few hours it does start to fade away and after a full day of wearing makeup it’s virtually gone completely. I haven’t tried it with a setting spray yet as I don’t tend to use a setting spray, ever because I’ve never felt I’ve needed one.

Would I recommend to a friend?

Yes definitely it’s beautiful, is it worth £32? If you have the money and love make up like me and collect it, yes but if your just looking for a nice Highlighter then I would recommend looking at cheaper ones first or a palette, £32 is a lot of money on one highlighter when there are many other highlighters out there at a much cheaper price.




6 thoughts on “Becca Opal Highlighter Review💫

    1. I only paid £17 for this smaller size and it came with the skin perfector spotlight, but honestly, £32 on one highlight? It’s a bit much haha, I think with highlighters, there are so many different kinds now, you don’t need to spend that much on one xxx

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