Tarte, Limited-Edition Energy Noir Clay Palette Review✨

This palette retails at $38 (£29.37) and contains 8 Eyeshadows, a highlighter and a blush.

IMG_1440The packaging is very nice, easy to clean and quite sturdy, which I always like in a palette. The colours go together so well and give you range of different shades that allow you to be able to create day time and night time looks.

IMG_1436All shades are nicely pigmented, very blendable and creamy!

Full moon; matte beige

Charged up; a silvery taupe shade (gorgeous lid shade for a super dark smokey eye)

Dark drive; a matte dark chocolatey colour

Stone unturned; a matte taupe shade (a pretty cool toned crease shade)

Up too slate; smoky plum shade (my absolute favourite shade in this palette!)

Misty mauve; a matte mauve shade

Power plum; matte dark plum

Lunar eclipse; a matte black, which is very creamy and isn’t too pigmented, making it a lot easier to blend!

Blush – Unearthed, this is probably my favourite blush, I’m not really one to wear blush too often and I’m very selective on what shades I’ll wear but this pinky nude is lovely!

Highlighter – Crystal Spark, this is a lovely bold highlighter, it’s nicely pigmented, lasts all day and would look lovely on any skin tone. It also makes a very nice lid and inner corner shade.


It’s not the nicest looking packaging of a palette to be honest but it does the job.

would I recommend it to a friend? Yes, definitely! I think for the price it’s a brilliant little palette. It’s nice and compact, making it perfect for traveling. Each shade goes with all of the others and it’s great quality!




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